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At Fomby & Zarghouni, our lawyers and staff are committed to delivering superior results through practical, skilled and aggressive representation of our clients. We have the compassion to listen to you, the commitment to make things right, and the talent and experience that gets results.

Our areas of expertise are in commercial litigation, personal injury & medical malpractice, and intellectual property law.

We are pro-active in our approach to dealing with litigation by actively engaging our clients and determining solutions. We are prepared to navigate cases through hurried injunction proceedings, financial and business disputes, various torts, and product liability. We represent clients in Texas state courts and the Federal court system all over the country.

Unfortunate as it is, problems don’t just go away on their own. You need a professional on your side to make sure you’re protected and make the law work for you.

We believe in building our reputation through our work. Based on this principal, we have a select a group of lawyers who offer the combination of legal intuition, industry knowledge, courtroom experience, and everyday business sense required to help you succeed in the cases that are most critical to your business.

Fundamentally, we solve problems so you can get back to doing what you do best.

Fees That Are Fair

Fomby & Zarghouni LLC tailors its fee arrangements to fit the needs of the client and the requirements of the case. We represent clients on a traditional hourly fee basis, but are also willing in many instances to take on matters with fees fixed for various phases of the case and achievement of pre-defined milestones.

We are also willing to represent clients under hybrid fee arrangements, where we discount our hourly rates but receive incentive compensation for a successful outcome. Finally, where it makes sense, and for all of our Personal Injury matters, we will represent clients in contingent fee arrangements.

Client Testimonials

  • Having been burned before by an intellectual property attorney on a prior patent, I was a bit nervous when seeking another patent lawyer. Matt pleasantly surprised me. He listened to my concerns and acted upon them. His experience in patent litigation and his attention to details, not only about the patent process itself, but also the possibility of future infringement, really put my mind at ease. Thank you !

    Michael C.
  • Mr. Fomby is a very compassionate attorney. He truly enjoys helping people. I trusted him with my son who was in a bit of trouble and he was able to get the case against him dismissed. He was always very kind to me and my son. He knows his stuff. Just a great guy. Thank you!!

  • Adam advised me on a Landlord/Deceptive Trade Practices Act matter. Adam proved exceptionally knowledgeable, strategic, appropriately aggressive, and, most importantly, easy to communicate with. Adam also stands out compared to others in the Houston legal community for being technologically savvy; this is helpful in getting down to business quicker and achieving more efficient results.

    Michael Eber
  • Adam is a committed attorney who zealously and faithfully represents his clients’ interests. He has deep expertise in his field and the necessary practical experience to obtain a successful result – all with an eye on the financial bottom line. I would want Adam on my side in ANY dispute.

    Ammad Waheed
  • Great experience working with Mr. Zarghouni. Very knowledgeable, professional, and easy to work with. Will not hesitate to contact this office again should the need arise. I highly recommend Fomby & Zarghouni to anyone who needs legal services.

    Amy Yactor

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